Living in the United States of America Eleanya Ndukwe Jnr is a microcosm of what a proud African should be, in the mind. His book Before Now centres on educating the African, long intimidated by western values, that there is nothing wrong with being African, eating African and living African. According to him: ‘the West is more concerned about its interests than those pertaining to the African Mind. That the African Mind must be made aware of the systems of Western indoctrination employed by the West in subjugation of the African Mind. That the African Mind must wake up!’ Before Now is a clarion wake up call just for the sole purpose of African Renaissance.

America’s New African Voice in the Diaspora

By Eleanya Ndukwe Jnr

An excerpt…

The African Mind in the 21st century wages a war of immeasurable proportions for the same reason it doesn’t fully understand why the intense hatred for its shade of skin, its coarse hair, its Melanin which makes up the entirety of its physical attributes and the audacious spirit inherited from its ancestors which drives both the conscious and subconscious. In the African Mind’s constant but unexamined, unreflective natures of attacks, does it fail to see how or why it is the brunt of such sustained onslaughts for millennia. This is the reason for writing this piece. That is, the exploration of the “how” and the “why,” and the need for the African Mind to become aware of the battles it faces-and sadly its generations yet unborn-are already programmed to fight the same matrix of mental control, economic slavery, political ineptitude and subjugation, and religious irrelevance. For to understand why we-the African Mind-are here, we must first explore what brought us here. What sophisticated methods of continental control were executed on our feeble minds and our battered, mutilated, and raped bodies for both physical and mental dominance that, sadly, continue to exert their intended effects on us? How did the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia and Mali, or the Empires of Benin, Mutapa, Songhai, Ghana, Timbuktu and many others vanish from history? Why?

Today, the African Mind is merely living the embodied ideologies of a Western being. Therefore, my insistence is for us to understand who we are-or were-and become-or re-become-it. Also, this short piece is not written in the pretence of exclusion, as such, the over 170 million African Minds in the diaspora-as a result of “capture and enslavement” according to Ancestor Dr. Chancellor Williams-are fully and consciously represented in context and relevance as well. Finally this paper, in-between this exposé still in preparation, will aim to suggest how we may be able to reclaim such historical dominance which currently eludes us. However, it must be noted that there is an unavoidable form of repetition as most subject matters discussed overlap each other in terms of relativeness, historical significance and their placements under relatable sub-headings for easier accessibility, comprehension and intellectual thought-flow.
The “methods” I mentioned earlier, primarily employed by the West have varied and been constantly updated, modified and codified even with the ever-dynamic forces of human evolvement, technological upgrade, sociological analyses and political reinventions-all still, to suit the imperialistic motives of those most guilty for these heinous crimes: The West.
But we must unlearn what we were previously told about our history to understand why we are where we are. We must explore the needs for these studies and draw conclusions on factual bases. In the end, we must see the topic I have chosen as a three-pronged interconnected chain, all aimed at placing the African where he currently occupies: at the bottom of global socioeconomic and political dominance. How? First, the West studied and understood African history. Then through premeditated forms of indoctrination, they aimed to change it-and have remained at it-just so we would have our minds eternally subjugated to their whims and caprices. Therefore, every form of Western indoctrination on the African Mind can be categorically stated to be termed a teachable lie.